Live at the centre of blossoming gardens, meander down paths that invite you to daydream, sit down on a bench to enjoy the peaceful view of the ponds, take a stroll in the neighbouring wood.

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All this whilst benefiting from the close proximity of the Woluwe Shopping Center, the Wolubilis Cultural Centre, a large number of schools, public transport and all the dynamism of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert; that is what Greenwood Woluwe has to offer you.

From studio flats to 4-bedrooms penthouses, Greenwood Woluwe offers you apartments with exceptional levels of energy performance and finishings that will delight even the most demanding critics.

Greenwood is in a peaceful location, you can even hear the birds singing… That’s the strength of this project: ‘an inhabitable park’ combined with soft mobility.”

Olivier Vermeersch,
architect. CERAU Architects Partners

There are plans to lay another two small ponds and a cycle path in this beautiful green environment. It is definitely an up-and-coming area.”

Mr. Casier,
Greenwood resident

There are also plans to open a pharmacy and a mini supermarket. We are looking forward to that!”

Mrs. Mariette Evrard,
Greenwood resident

There is a green path from the woods to the buildings, which runs to the green zone of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.”

Marion Réglat,
architect. CERAU Architects Partners

All the parking entrances are on Tweehuizenweg, so there are no cars driving past the buildings.”

Olivier Vermeersch,
architect. CERAU Architects Partners


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